Developing & Programming

ActionScript is not (that) dead

This will be a short post but worth the read! I went to a session I wasn’t expecting to find at ITP, for that reason it deserves a special post! The name of session is “ActionScript for IOS, Android”. My first reaction was THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE! It’s possibly ...


Hello Arduino!

This week I went to a couple of sessions about Arduino. I’m glad the same instructor gave both sessions, because we were able to build on previous concepts. The first session was about digital input and output. We learned how to make the Arduino interact with the ...


Data or data?

One of my goals at ITP Camp - not the main though - was to learn about data visualization. I know what it is about but I have never done a project using data visualization. The first ITP session I attended on this topic is called “Intro to Data Viz + Processing”. It ...