“Egocentric hug” sweatshirts

December 18th, 2014 | Creating, Electronics | 0 Comment

Description of the project: The project is a prototype of the “egocentric hug” sweatshirt. When two people wear these sweatshirts and hug, the words “miss” and “me” – made of LEDs – will light up. Each sweatshirt has one word. The idea was to made the ...


Light bracelet

November 3rd, 2014 | Creating, Electronics, Material, Technique | 0 Comment

Description of the project: The project is a prototype of a  light bracelet. The light of the three LEDs turns on when the snaps are together and it turns off when they are apart. The bracelet is built under a parallel circuit wherein the three LEDs receive the same ...


Qeros posting on Facebook

August 9th, 2014 | Electronics, Planning | 0 Comment

A Qero is a sacred vessel of the Inca Empire. It was used for religious ceremonies and rituals.  In this post I will explain how I - eventually - will work on a project where a vessel posts on Facebook. This research is part of my final project for school following my ...


Final project …here I go!

My summer exploration focuses on creating a critique and reflection on the transformation of Andean gods and religious traditions since it has been proven that some current Catholic traditions and festivities in Peru have their roots in ancient Andean religious rites. ...