Light bracelet

November 3rd, 2014 | Creating, Electronics, Material, Technique | 0 Comment

Description of the project: The project is a prototype of a  light bracelet. The light of the three LEDs turns on when the snaps are together and it turns off when they are apart. The bracelet is built under a parallel circuit wherein the three LEDs receive the same ...


Discovering (new) materials

June 28th, 2014 | Electronics, Informative, Material | 0 Comment

The list of materials for wearables seems endless, so I decided to make a list combining sources. I’m sure there might be more information out there but I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can on this post. Since I’ve already written a post about microcontrollers, I ...


LilyPad Arduino and more!

The LilyPad is the sewable version of an Arduino. It can use inputs and react to outputs. Its shape and structure makes it easier to use soft circuits made out of conductive thread or yarn. All this time at ITP I’ve been researching about wearables, but the first time I ...


Examples and ideas using Arduino!

I must confess I’ve become a huge fan of projects with microcontrollers. I have been learning Arduino and a little bit of Processing. I have also been trying to find examples and more tutorials online and I have found amazing ideas! I would like to build most of them in ...