“Egocentric hug” sweatshirts

Description of the project:

The project is a prototype of the “egocentric hug” sweatshirt. When
two people wear these sweatshirts and hug, the words “miss” and “me” –
made of LEDs – will light up. Each sweatshirt has one word. The idea was
to made the opposite of a good-bye hug. Usually people hug to say
good-bye means I’ll miss you but with words made of LEDs I attempt to
trick the meaning.

The circuits are made in parallel. As part of my exploration I made
each circuit differently. The circuit for the gray sweatshirt was made
with conductive thread connected to a positive spot of conductive fabric
on the positive side of the LED, and the same with the negative side of
the LED but connected to a negative spot of conductive fabric.

The LEDs are also attached to the fabric of the sweatshirt with
regular thread. The circuit of the green sweatshirt is made with
conductive fabric and attached to it with tape. Like the gray
sweatshirt, each side of the LED is connected to a positive or negative
spot, respectively.

The circuits are located on the low side of the back. The positive
spot is above the circuit and the negative side is below. Each spot
respectively is connected to a positive or negative rectangle of
conductive fabric located on the higher side of the back. When two
people are hugging, the other person’s arms will touch this area of the

The arms of each sweatshirt (specifically the forearms) also have a
rectangles of conductive fabric. One forearm will be positive and the
other will be negative, both connected to a battery holder of 3V.
Because the LEDs are connected in parallel and each LED is 3V, I just
used two batteries of 1.5V. When two people hug wearing the “egocentric
hug” sweatshirts, their positive arms (right arm) need to go on the high
side of the back – where the back begins – and their negative arms
(left arm) need to go on the middle side of the back – right above the

This time I wanted to use materials I haven’t used before, so I
connected the conductive fabric of the arms to the battery holder
through wire, and the wire is attached to the both fabric (the
conductive fabric and the fabric of the sweatshirt) with tape. Also the
connection of both wires is made with tape. This idea works for a
prototype but it doesn’t look good and the connection is weaker this
way. Next time I could continue using wire but covered with regular
fabric or thread in order to make it look better, and the connection of
wires should be soldered.


  • 2 sweatshirt
  • Conductive thread
  • White regular thread (white)
  • Conductive fabric
  • Black tape
  • Wire
  • 2 battery holders
  • 4 batteries of 1.5V
  • 66 LEDs (matte white)


  • Needles
  • Cutter
  • Molding pliers
  • Scissors

Circuit diagram:


Circuit layout:


Images of the project:

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