Fictional data representation “Find me if you can”

Although this work is about fictional data representation, it is also part of the final project. My intention here is to create an online game based on data representation of the system of ceques, which is the organizational system of sanctuaries within the city of Cuzco during the Inca Empire. This game is not intended for commercial purposes but is rather a current critique of the transformed Andean religious traditions since the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. When the Spaniards conquered the Andes and brought down the Inca Empire, Andeans created alternative ways to hide their religious practices from the conquerors’ eyes. They lied about their traditions, hid their idols, used Catholic traditions to conceal their festivities, and so on. Although the way they practiced rituals changed, the essence of their beliefs did not. The Andean god’s main feature is their adaptability and malleability, allowing them to alter with new realities, and remain in time and space. Even when Spaniards prohibited Andean religious practices or when they destroyed almost every huaca within the empire, the huacas still remained. The logic of the game is the players won’t ever be able to win, although they will not be made aware of that. This game seeks to frustrate people with their search. Even if players see the huaca, which will be represented as a dot on the screen, it will disappear as soon as the player clicks on it, and a message will appear indicating that he/she got close but the huaca wasn’t caught.

I’m still not one hundred percent sure about what tool / programming language would be best, because there are lots of great options out there. Since my project is intended to be online, I may use Javascript, HTML, and PHP.

These are my initial drafts:

First the player needs to log in to start. Dots will appear and disappear (the dotted lines are just a visual expression of the movement of the dots, however it won’t be visible on the screen).

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