Light bracelet

Description of the project:
The project is a prototype of a  light bracelet. The light of the three
LEDs turns on when the snaps are together and it turns off when they are
apart. The bracelet is built under a parallel circuit wherein the three
LEDs receive the same quantity of energy from a 3V battery.

List of materials:
3 lilypad LEDs (white)
Conductive fabric
Conductive thread
3 snaps
1 battery (3V)

Other tools:
Ironing machine

The Process:

The idea of the light bracelet started from the concept of memento mori
jewelry. This kind of jewelry was utilized in the high society (mainly
in Europe and North America) between the 16th and 19th century mainly in
Europe, as reminders of mortality in honor a beloved deceased. Inspired
by this idea I ended having this sketch:


Testing the circuit:

I built the circuit with temporary wires based on a parallel circuit and it worked perfectly:


Iteration 1:

The first iteration of the bracelet had two layers: one external and
one internal. The external layer had the quote “A good life, a happy
death” embroided in white on the fabric (black felt). This layer also
had tiny holes for the light of LEDs to come out. The internal layer
carried the circuit. This iteration ended failing, apparently this
happened because residues of conductive thread caused a short.

3 4 5 6

The project already finished (final version):


Final Circuit Diagram:

8 9

Final layout:


More images explaining aspects of the bracelet:

The three LEDs receive the same amount pf energy and therefore they shine equally because they built under a parallel circuit.


The three snaps are threaded with conductive thread on the conductive fabric to ensure the transmission of electricity.

12 13

Each LED is connected on the positive side to one side of the snap, and
on the negative side to the negative side of the battery. The other side
of the snap is connected to the positive side of the battery. Thus when
the bracelet is closed the light turns on.


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